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Brochetterie Parthenon

La meilleure cuisine grecque de Montréal se trouve à la Brochetterie Parthenon.
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Brochetterie Parthenon

Brochetterie Parthenon

Si vous en avez assez de toujours manger la même chose, nous avons la solution à la Brochetterie Parthenon avec un menu différent.
Nous proposons de délicieux souvlakis, pita, spécialités grecques, fruits de mer, menu enfant, pâtisseries grecques et bien d'autres choses encore.
Consultez notre menu irrésistible et commandez par téléphone ou en ligne, il vous suffit de vous asseoir et d'attendre grâce à notre service de livraison gratuit. Mais si l'attente n'est pas pour vous, venez chercher votre commande au 3543 Ave Van Horne, Montréal.

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  • david gottlieb

    david gottlieb david gottlieb

    -Authentic Greek food. Always excellent.-
  • Perry Camacho

    Perry Camacho Perry Camacho

    -I grew up in Montreal and only by chance did we live just 2 blocks away from the Parthenon. Whenever anyone in my Family returns to Montreal, we make a mandatory visit to the Parthenon. They make the best Souvlaki’s I've ever had, and they got me addicted to Galaktoboureko. Don’t miss making a visit if you are ever in Montreal.-
  • jeff zhao

    jeff zhao jeff zhao

    -Food is nice, service need a lot of improvement, they do not know how to serve the client, need time to study. Internal design is very mass. Any way, food still good! Recommend to taste:)-
  • Kreztorv Fugaban

    Kreztorv Fugaban Kreztorv Fugaban

    -Overall, 4-star experience. I would love to give it 4.5 if it's possible in the option. Pros: -service is exceptional -the waitress is very accommodating and helpful -close to Van Horne 161 bus stop -near cote-des-neiges area -the place is very cozy and accommodating -includes free soup and coffee during evenings -huge amount of servings of main dish for a cost of about $20 -very affordable price -the place seems to be compact but it fits well enough -free Wi-Fi Cons: -very hard to find parking -the grilled chicken and lamb I ordered was greasy-
  • Naeim Roudehchi

    Naeim Roudehchi Naeim Roudehchi

    -Great meal and super awesome staff. This place is very well known in this area and all of their food is being made infront of your eyes fresh. This place has a long history and has been here for some time now if one thing they know how to do and that is to prepare good and delicious food.-
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Brochetterie Parthenon

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